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Lucaffé tasting pack - coffee beans - 4 x 700 grams

Lucaffé Proefpakket - koffiebonen - 4 x 700 gram
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Lucaffe coffee beans

Lucaffe was founded by the beautiful Lake Garda in Italy. Meanwhile, founder Gian Luca had spent years researching coffee and how to perfect its flavour. He worked a lot with coffee farmers from South America and after enough research and testing, the coffee was ready for the crowds. And you could say it caught on.... With the most beautiful packaging and the most refined taste in Italy, Lucaffe grew from a small roastery to a global phenomenon within 20 years. Lucaffe is considered a true Luxury coffee for true fine tasters. It's impossible to imagine the coffee world without them, and that's a good thing! Because we have created a new tasting pack for you.


Lucaffe Lucaffetteria - coffee beans - 700g

This unique blend is specially formulated for anyone who is a fan of coffee from South America. A delicious crema layer combined with a delicate flavour. So you could say it should only be drunk on the Italian terrace, but at home with a nice chair we find it just as delicious.

Lucaffe Pulcinella - coffee beans - 700g

The Italian energy drink made by Lucaffe. This delicious blend of arabica and robusta beans gets an extra dose of caffeine to keep you going on that tough working day. This power coffee is created from a cross between two plants that combine to provide extra caffeine without making the coffee overly strong

Lucaffe Classic - coffee beans - 700 grams

It's already in the name "classic" this is the original Lucaffe coffee as it conquered the world. With a blend of 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta it is made for a delicious espresso but can also transform itself into a delicious cappucino. Lucaffe classic has already convinced the world, now you do!

Lucaffe 100% arabica mister exclusive - coffee beans - 700 grams

This 100% arabica is a real delicacy, if you really want to surprise your guests then this is the perfect coffee. The 100% arabica blend provides a medium intensity with nutty notes. You can hardly go wrong with this coffee, only if your guests don't like coffee, but who doesn't like coffee!

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