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Descaler at Café du Jour: Ensure a Long Life for your Coffee Machine

Welcome to Café du Jour's descaler category, your reliable partner for all coffee needs. We understand that a good cup of coffee starts with a clean and well-maintained coffee maker. That is why we offer a wide selection of high-quality decalcifiers specially designed to extend the life of your equipment and improve the taste of your coffee.

The Importance of a Good Descaler

Limescale is an unavoidable problem for anyone who uses a coffee maker. It occurs when the water running through your machine contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium. These minerals can build up and cause damage to your appliance. In addition, limescale can also affect the taste of your coffee. This is why it is important to descale your machine regularly.

  1. Bag of descaling powder (universal / for 1x descaling)
    Bag of descaling powder (universal / for 1x descaling)
    Café du Jour
    As low as 1,74
    1.74 / piece
  2. bottle descaler 500ml (universal / for 4x descaling)
  3. Café du Jour descaler 1x50g descaling powder
  4. Café du Jour Descaler 4x50g descaling powder
  5. Bosch / Siemens Descaling tablet Coffee maker 6 pieces
  6. Maintenance set Coffee machine Siemens / Bosch - 10 tablets / 500 ml descaler
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  7. Durgol® Swiss Espresso Descaler (2 bottles)
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A Wide Range of Descalers at Café du Jour

At Café du Jour, we have a wide range of decalcifiers for different types of coffee machines. Whether you have an espresso machine, coffee pod machine or a fully automatic coffee machine, we have the perfect descaler for your needs.

Liquid Descalers

Powerful and efficient, our liquid descalers are perfect for descaling all kinds of coffee machines. They are easy to use and offer quick results, so you can enjoy delicious coffee again in no time.

Descaling tablets

Besides our liquid descalers, we also have descaling tablets. These are ideal for those looking for a convenient and mess-free way to maintain their coffee maker.

Why choose Café du Jour?

At Café du Jour, we strive to offer our customers the best products and services. Our decalcifiers are carefully selected based on their effectiveness and safety. Moreover, we have an expert team that can help you choose the right descaler and guide you through the descaling process.

We also offer fast shipping and secure payment options. With our easy return policy, you can shop with us with confidence. Explore our range of decalcifiers today and experience Café du Jour's quality and service.

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