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Instant coffee with great taste at fair price

Instant coffee may not be comparable to a cup of coffee made from fresh coffee beans, but it can come close. We looked closely at what we considered acceptable instant coffee and based the instant coffee product range on that.

Instant coffee, when do you use it?

Are you unable to use a coffee machine? For example, if you want to make coffee at the campsite or if you want to make coffee at the construction site? Then instant coffee is a solution. All you need is hot water from, for example, an electric kettle or a pan on the gas. You mix instant coffee with the hot water and you're done! It's even easier with the coffee sticks: you stir the stick in the hot water and your coffee is ready immediately.

  1. Café du Jour Instant instant coffee for vending machines 'Silver'

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Cafe-du-jour.com is rated with 4.9 / 5 based on Google Customer Reviews