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Hausbrandt coffee

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Welcome to the tempting world of Hausbrandt coffee at Café du Jour. A place where you can taste authentic Italian coffee-experience. With more than a century of experience in the industry, Hausbrandt represents the unrivalled Italian coffee culture, a gem we are proud to offer to our customers.

A look at the history of Hausbrandt coffee

Hermann Ernest Hausbrandt, founder of the first coffee roasting company in Trieste, Italy in 1892, is at the foundation of this company. From these humble origins, the Hausbrandt brand spread its influence around the world while staying true to its deep-rooted Italian coffee tradition.

Experience the taste of Hausbrandt coffee

Hausbrandt coffee is a masterpiece of flavor combinations. With a symphony of notes of dried fruit, citrus and chocolate, Hausbrandt offers a harmonious balance between sweet and sour. This fusion of flavors creates an unparalleled flavor profile, a delight for coffee connoisseurs and casual aficionados alike.

The flavors Hausbrandt coffee

Hausbrandt, the coffee brand with more than a century of history and expertise, offers a rich variety of flavors that enchant the senses. This Italian coffee tradition, represented by the highest quality coffee beans, pays homage to the rich history of the first company in Trieste, Italy, that processed coffee beans with utmost precision.

Every cup of Hausbrandt coffee is infused with a deep aroma that captures the soul of Italy, packed into every bean blend and product. Whether you seek the powerful flavor of espresso to start your day or the subtle nuances of coffee beans want to explore, Hausbrandt has an enticing option for every moment and taste.

Get your Hausbrandt coffee beans at Café du Jour

Café du Jour is your gateway to the breadth of the Hausbrandt range. Whether you love classic blends or the exotic allure of single origin coffees, there is a Hausbrandt for every taste and occasion. Dive into our collection and bring Italian coffee perfection to your home.

Why choose Hausbrandt Coffee at Café du Jour?

Our selection of Hausbrandt coffee beans is designed to meet your highest demands. Whether you enjoy a strong espresso to start your day or a softer blend to relax, Hausbrandt has coffee beans that reflect your needs perfectly. Dive into the rich Italian coffee tradition with Hausbrandt coffee beans, available at Café du Jour.

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