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Coffee machine cleaning tablets

Cleaning tablets for a coffee machine ensure that fats are removed from your coffee machine. Cleaning tablets are mainly used in fully automatic coffee machines. Cleaning powder is used more often in other coffee machines, such as a semi-automatic machine. It is important that cleaning tablets for coffee machines are used on a regular basis to avoid problems with the coffee machine. Coffee beans are a little bit greasy. While making coffee, this fat ends up in the brewing group and pipes of the coffee machine. By using cleaning tablets you prevent this fat from accumulating and not getting a chance to cause blockages.

How do coffee machine cleaning tablets work?

The cleaning tablets for a coffee machine work together with a cleaning program of a coffee machine. A cleaning tablet is placed in the brewing group of the coffee machine, after which the automatic cleaning program is run. This program ensures that the cleaning tablet is dissolved and rinsed through all the pipes through which the greasy coffee comes. After running the rinse menu, the coffee machine is free of greasy deposits again.

Which brand of cleaning tablets coffee machine?

Most brands of coffee machine logically refer to their own brand of cleaning tablets in their manual. That does not mean that you cannot use universal cleaning tablets. The size and weight of a cleaning tablet determines the correct functioning. First, the cleaning tablet must fit into the cleaning tablet insertion slot. It is also important that the cleaning program allows the cleaning tablet to dissolve completely. Most cleaning tablets are around 2.5 grams. Some coffee machines sometimes require a cleaning tablet of around 1 gram.

How do you use cleaning tablets coffee machine?

You always use cleaning tablets for a coffee machine in combination with running a cleaning program. The manual of each coffee machine explains how to start and run a cleaning program. At the beginning of the start of a cleaning program, you are usually asked to insert a cleaning tablet. You do this by throwing the cleaning tablet into a special compartment or by placing the cleaning tablet in the sieve of the brewing group. After that, the cleaning program will do the rest. Afterwards, the brew group is rinsed with clean water and the coffee machine is free of grease and ready for use.

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