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Can I become your coffee supplier?

You can brew and drink coffee in hundreds of ways, so you can make you coffee taste different every time. The same goes for the preparation of the coffee bean; roast it for a few seconds shorter or longer and the coffee will taste different. Everyone has a personal preference for taste. Café du jour is ready to help you discover and deliver your favorite coffee flavour. In addition to the most popular A-brands, Café du jour also has fresh coffee beans in its range, roasted in our own coffee roastery. It simply cannot be fresher and more personal.

In addition to luxury and specialty coffee, Café du jour also offers unroasted coffee beans, tea, specialties and accessories.

Café du jour is a young company with the ambition to bring the confidentiality and personality of a small local shop online. On average, our customers give a score of 9.6, something we are secretly very proud of.

Cafe-du-jour.com is rated with 4.9 / 5 based on Google Customer Reviews