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Ice Tea

When you think of iced tea, you probably think of Lipton® or Fuze tea®. Delicious cans or bottles of a secret recipe that no one knows but that everyone enjoys. I'm sure no one can top that... But what if I told you that you can make just as tasty, perhaps even tastier iced tea at home? We at Café du Jour have prepared various tea blends that are perfect for making a delicious iced tea. We think they are delicious, are you going to try them too?

What do I need?

That is of course the first question that comes to mind now, nice that you made the tea, but how do I make that delicious iced tea that it talks so well about and what do I need? Of course we will explain that to you in detail, let's start with what you need. Choose one of the delicious teas and order it together with the T-sac Tea Filters No. 2 (you can also order the No.1 or No.3, check for how many people you make iced tea). You also need a large jug of about 1.5L.

How do you make iced tea?

Now that you have everything you need to make this delicious iced tea, let's get started! We have two ways to make a delicious iced tea. The first way is a bit slow and the second is a bit of a "quick and easy" way. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. In our experience, the slow way sticks out quite a bit, but of course that is for you to experience for yourself.

"Iced tea at ease"

This is the slow but oh so delicious way to make iced tea: Take 12/15 grams of tea and put it in the T-sac Tea Filter. Hang the tea bag in the pitcher and add fruits to your liking. Let the tea rest for 7 to 9 hours and stir occasionally, tasting in between is optional but encouraged! After you let the iced tea rest long enough, you can serve it with ice cubes and possibly fresh fruit. The prolonged rest period ensures that the tea has been able to infuse well and that the taste is perfect down to the last detail.

"Iced tea quick and easy"

The quick way to make iced tea is just as simple as the slow way. Put 1.5L of water in the kettle and wait for it to boil. Meanwhile, prepare the tea filter with 12/15 grams of tea. Fill the jug with ice cubes and hang the bag in the jug. Pour the boiled water into the pitcher and let the tea cool down to room temperature. When the tea has cooled you can put the pitcher in the fridge or freezer until it is completely cold. Then serve with extra ice cubes and garnish with fruit or a mini umbrella. The ice provides accelerated cooling and ensures that it is ready earlier. Unfortunately, the taste is not so refined because it does not have the time to absorb properly.

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