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Unroasted coffee beans

Set Descending Direction
  1. Guatemala Arabica SHB - unroasted coffee beans - 1 kilo
  2. Kenya Arabica AA FAQ - unroasted coffee beans - 1 kilo
    Kenya Arabica AA FAQ - unroasted coffee beans - 1 kilo
    Café du Jour
    As low as 12.56
    12.56 / kg
  3. India Robusta Cherry AA Screen 18 - unroasted coffee beans - 1 kilo
  4. Ethiopia Arabica Yirgacheffe grade 2 - unroasted coffee beans - 1 kilo
  5. India Arabica Monsooned Malabar AA ASPINWALL - unroasted coffee beans - 1 kilo
  6. Indonesia Arabica Mandheling grade 1 - unroasted coffee beans - 1 kilo
  7. Nicaragua Arabica SHG - unroasted coffee beans - 1 kilo
    Nicaragua Arabica SHG - unroasted coffee beans - 1 kilo
    Café du Jour
    As low as 14.39
    14.39 / kg
  8. Peru Arabica HB MCM grade 1 - unroasted coffee beans - 1 kilo
  9. Colombia Arabica Excelso - unroasted coffee beans - 1 kilo
  10. Brazil Santos NY 2/3 17/18 GC - unroasted coffee beans - 1 kilo
  11. Green ground coffee
    Green ground coffee
    Café du Jour
    As low as 6.95
    18.95 / kg
  12. Tanzania Arabica AA Kilimanjaro - unroasted coffee beans - 1 kilo

At Café du Jour you will find delicious fresh unroasted coffee beans. Café du Jour's unroasted coffee beans are freshly prepared and carefully selected to offer the highest quality unroasted coffee beans. Take a quick look at our extensive range and enjoy deliciously fresh coffee!

Buy unroasted coffee beans

There are several reasons why buying unroasted coffee beans is worthwhile. One advantage of unroasted coffee beans is that you have the opportunity to experiment with different roasting methods and flavours at home. By controlling the roasting process yourself, you can adjust the taste of the coffee to your personal preference.

In addition, unroasted coffee beans have a longer shelf life than roasted beans. Because the roasting process causes the oils in the beans to be released, roasted beans have a shorter shelf life than unroasted beans. As a result, you can use unroasted beans longer and need to buy new beans less often. Isn't that nice!

Deliciously fresh coffee

You can roast unroasted coffee beans yourself to make a deliciously fresh cup of coffee. Roasting coffee yourself has a few advantages. If you buy already-roasted coffee from the shop, it has taken a while for it to hit the shelves. This is because the vast majority of coffee is grown in the southern hemisphere and has already had quite a journey before it reaches the shops here.

Furthermore, coffee beans are more susceptible to mould and bacteria when they have already been roasted. Consequently, this often does not improve the quality. The moulds and bacteria give the coffee a sour and bitter taste. Of course, this is a waste of the delicious coffee and it is not necessary at all. The solution is to roast your coffee yourself. This allows you to keep the taste and quality of the coffee entirely in your own hands. Roasting coffee is also relatively easy and gives you the most delicious aromatic coffee you could wish for.

Drinking unroasted coffee

Of course, you don't necessarily have to roast your coffee. You can also enjoy a cup of unroasted coffee. Not only is it extremely tasty, it is also heart healthy. The taste of unroasted coffee beans is a bit different from the roasted variety. The taste of unroasted coffee is slightly sweet and a bit stronger than that of the roasted version. The colour is also different from that of the roasted version; it is a bit lighter with a dark green glow. The unroasted coffee variety gives you huge energy and is known as a health drink. Many athletes therefore take a cup of green coffee before they get active, for that extra bit of energy. Because the beans are not roasted, they contain more caffeine than the roasted variety, which contributes to that extra energy boost. An added benefit is that this unroasted coffee variety also helps you reduce your body weight!

Unroasted beans

Unroasted coffee beans, also known as green coffee beans, are the unroasted variant of the coffee bean. Unroasted coffee beans have a different taste from roasted coffee beans and are known for their health benefits. Unroasted coffee beans contain more antioxidants than roasted beans and have a higher caffeine content, providing an extra energy boost.

At Café du Jour, you can find different types of unroasted coffee beans from Ethiopia, among others. We have a variety of beans in our range, from Arabica to Robusta. You can buy the beans and roast them yourself at home, or choose ground unroasted coffee. You can also buy green coffee at Café du Jour in various quantities.

Roasting coffee beans is a process that greatly affects the flavour and aroma of the coffee. Roasting gives the beans their characteristic flavour and colour. But if you like the pure taste of coffee, it is definitely worth trying unroasted beans. It is important to store the beans at altitude and drink them within the specified period on the packaging to preserve the best flavour.

Café du Jour is known for its wide range of coffee products. Besides unroasted coffee beans and roasted coffee beans, we also offer other coffee products such as espresso and cappuccino. Whether you are a big coffee drinker or just want to enjoy a nice cup of coffee every now and then, you are sure to find something to your taste at Café du Jour.

How long can you store unroasted coffee beans?

You can store unroasted coffee beans for a very long time, provided you store the beans properly. It is important to remember that coffee beans have an expiry date and their flavour and aroma decrease over time. In general, unroasted coffee beans can be stored for up to 6 months. Some sources even suggest they have a shelf life of up to 12 months if stored properly.

To best preserve unroasted coffee beans, they should be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry and dark place away from moisture, heat and light. It is also important not to grind the beans until you are ready to make coffee, as ground coffee spoils faster than whole beans.

If you notice that the beans start to lose their flavour and aroma over time, it is probably time to buy new beans.

Buy your unroasted coffee beans from Café du Jour

For home roasters and wholesale users, Café du Jour has made the range below available. Café du Jour's unroasted coffee beans are carefully selected and preserved. The fresh coffee beans can be ordered by private and business customers.

Do you need more than 50 kilos of unroasted coffee beans? If so, please contact customer service for a customised quote. You can order unroasted beans from 1000 grams onwards. The 1 kilo package of unroasted coffee beans is also a nice gift! Are you looking for a specific unroasted coffee bean or a coffee bean from a specific country that we do not currently sell? Then please contact customer service and tell us which coffee bean you are looking for. Who knows, maybe you will soon have that specific coffee bean in your home after all!

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