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Jute gifts, for that coffee lover that needs everything that's coffee

You could say that we are real coffee fanatics. In addition, we are also reasonably environmentally conscious. When the coffee arrives at our place, it is in huge burlap sacks. As soon as those bags are empty you could throw them away because "you probably won't use them anymore", Nothing could be further from the truth! With an environmentally conscious starting point, we looked for ways to reuse these bags in an original way. The result can be seen below, we are very happy with the result and we hope you are too!

  1. Jute cushion 45x45 handmade from coffee sack
    Jute cushion 45x45 handmade from coffee sack
    Café du Jour
    23.95 / piece

Cafe-du-jour.com is rated with 4.9 / 5 based on Google Customer Reviews