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Ethiopia Lekempti GR4 - unroasted coffee beans - 1 kilo

Ethiopië Lekempti GR4 - ongebrande koffiebonen
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Intense aroma with mild aroma and sweet notes, medium acidity and rich body, nice and lemony with fruity aftertaste.

Arabica coffee originated in Ethiopia. According to legend, a shepherd named Kaldi discovered coffee by accident: he noticed that his goats became more active after consuming ripe, red coffee berries.

As a labour-intensive crop, coffee provides a livelihood for more than 15 million people in Ethiopia. More than 90% of coffee is produced by small producers.

Note: this is unroasted coffee which therefore still needs to be roasted before consumption.


Nekempti also known as Lekempti, is a region located in Wellega state, about 6 hours west by car from Addis.

Wellega is the highland region in the southwestern part of Ethiopia with more rainfall than in the dry northern and eastern areas of Ethiopia. Wellega province is home to the Oromos, Ethiopia's largest tribe. The majority of the Oromo people are farmers. Income is mainly obtained from agriculture, livestock and coffee. Originally, Lekempti is a sun-dried natural bean produced in western Ethiopia.

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