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Café du Jour Speciality 100% arabica Yirgacheffe

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Café du Jour Ethiophia Yirgacheffe coffee - 100% Arabica

Connoisseurs probably already know this coffee. The premium arabica coffee beans from Yirgacheffe have become famous in recent years for their outstanding quality, aroma and taste. Not without reason! It is a fresh coffee with an intense aroma and a sweet taste


Yirgacheffe coffee beans

Yirgacheffe is a town in southern Ethiopia. The surrounding region produces many fantastic coffees known for their fruity, bright flavour and light to medium body. Because the region is high altitude (1700+ metres), coffee grows slowly and the Coffea Arabica coffee plant has a long time to develop and nourish the coffee berries. This way, the plant develops the best flavour possible.

Growing coffee in Yirgacheffe

The town itself called Irgachefe in the local language lies at an altitude of 1,900 metres above sea level in Sidamo province and has become the administrative hub of the district's coffee trade. Most Yirgacheffe coffee farmers are members of the Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (YCFCU). This consists of 23 sub-corporations with a total of 40,000 farmers. Other (smaller) farmers are members of the Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (OCFCU). Oromia is the region that includes part of the province. The cooperatives take care of processing, sorting and selling the coffee beans. Thus, the farmers benefit from an efficient and professional sales body and stable payments spread over the year so they are less dependent on the harvest season.

The roasting of Yirgacheffe coffee by Café du Jour

We don't like to roast this coffee too dark: it detracts from the bright and fruity character of this bean. Too light a roast makes us miss the sweetness. This is why we roast this bean exactly between light and dark. The Yirgacheffe is at its best in a medium roast so we don't "burn to death" the good qualities that Yirgacheffe coffee is known for, but also just get over the acidity of the light roast

Like all our coffee beans: artisanal and recently roasted. Our coffees are roasted weekly in small batches and you will never receive a pack that went through the roaster more than four weeks ago. The roasting date is always mentioned on the packaging. Each batch is checked and filtered for any irregularities.

Resealable coffee packaging

Whether you buy 250g, 500g or a kilo Café du Jour coffee beans: they are always in a special resealable packaging. The coffee bag has a special resealable rim so you can always re-pack the coffee airtight. On the front of each bag is a valve, this allows gases and air to escape from the bag without allowing air from outside to flow back into the bag. This way, we do everything we can to preserve the optimal freshness of your coffee!

More Information
BrandCafé du Jour
Produced inNetherlands
Coffee typeCoffeebeans, Ground coffee
Intensity10 - Very powerful
TasteFloral, Chocolate, Fruity, Honey
Suitable forEspresso, Filter coffee, Cappuccino, Affogato, Americano, Caffè choco, Caffè corretto, Caffè latte, Caffè lungo, Cortado, Doppio, Espresso macchiato, Flat white, Irish Coffee, Latte macchiato, Macchiato, Ristretto
Country of originEthiopia
CaffeineWith caffeine
Koffie brandingMedium roast
Reviews 54

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