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bottle descaler 500ml (universal / for 4x descaling)

Café du Jour ontkalker 500ml (voor 4x ontkalken)
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Regular descaling extends the life of your coffee maker and improves the taste of your coffee!

Café du Jour descaler is ideal for quick and thorough descaling of your coffee machine. Depending on the size of your coffee machine, you fill the water tank with about 125ml of descaler. Top it up to 500ml with clean tap water.

Then leave it for ten minutes, then run half the water and after another ten minutes repeat with the remaining water. Then rinse with clean water and your coffee machine is ready to use again!

Suitable for all types of coffee and espresso machines with a water tank. Also suitable for coffee pod machines such as Senseo machines


Description of descaler

Safe, effective and very easy-to-use descaler based on 100% natural ingredients. Contains no preservatives, phosphates, chlorine, bleach and microplastics. All ingredients used are natural.

This bottle is good for four decalcification cycles where you supplement 125ml of descaler with 375ml of water each time (so 500ml in total). If necessary, you can repeat the descaling session immediately. This bottle is made of food-safe and recyclable plastic.

Produced and filled by Café du Jour.

Suitability and compatibility

This descaler is universal and thus suitable for almost all brands and types of coffee machines and kettles. For example, the descaler is suitable for all espresso machines by Bosch, Siemens, De'Longhi, Phillips, Jura, Krups, Melitta, Senseo and Nespresso.

Instructions for use Café du Jour coffee machine descaler

Pour 125ml of Café du Jour descaler into the water tank and top up to 500ml of water (4x diluted). Allow the solution to take effect for ten minutes. Then turn on the machine and allow half the liquid to run through. Switch the appliance off, let it soak for another ten minutes and then run the rest of the solution until the reservoir is completely empty. After treatment, rinse the reservoir well and then fill it with clean tap water. After that, let the machine operate at least three times with only water so that no lime residue or acidic aftertaste remains.

Always consult the manual of your coffee machine or espresso machine first. These are the guidelines. For machines with coffee pods, first place a coffee pod holder with a used coffee pod to catch any limescale residue.

For descaling kettles: dilute 125ml descaler with tap water to 500ml total. Leave for ten minutes and then rinse with clean tap water.

CAUTION: Transport and store bottle upright. Do not inhale any fumes coming from the device. Do not use this product on acid-sensitive surfaces and calciferous surfaces such as marble etc.

319- Causes severe eye irritation. P101- When obtaining medical advice, keep container or label at hand. P102- Keep out of the reach of children. P264- Wash hands thoroughly after handling this product. P305+P351+P338- IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if possible. Continue rinsing. P337+P313- In case of persistent eye irritation: consult a doctor.

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