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Café du jour get to know us 4 x 330 gram fresh coffee

Café du jour Kennismakers 4 x 330 gram fresh coffee
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Curious about Café du jour's most popular coffees? Then grab this delicious fresh coffee tasting pack. You will receive 4 bags of coffee weighing 330 grams.

This tasting pack contains the following coffees;

1 x Café du Jour Ethiopia Lekempti

1 x Café du Jour Brazil Santos

1 x Café du Jour Espresso Madrugador

1 x Café du Jour South America


Freshly roasted coffee

Did you know that coffee from the supermarket is often a year old before it goes into the machine at your home? That is definitely not the case with this coffee! We roast small batches every week so the coffee is never older than about four weeks before it is delivered to your home (but often much more recent!). You'll find the roasting date on every pack.

Café du Jour - The coffee roasting brothers

Café du Jour fresh coffees are the work of two brothers who have made their passion for coffee their job. After years of experience in the (Italian) hospitality industry, from 2015 they experimented endlessly with coffee beans and espresso machines in search of the perfect cup of coffee. At first with no commercial intentions, but eventually sharing coffee with friends and family became so great that it was decided to make the hobby the work.

Café du Jour fresh coffees are roasted daily in small batches to be then tasted and judged by the roasting master. Once approved, the batches of coffee are checked and filtered for any irregularities, packaged, sealed and labelled with that day's roast date. So with Café du Jour fresh coffees, you are always sure of a fresh bag of coffee: never older than four weeks at the time the coffee arrives at your home (often even more recent!). You taste that just like a loaf of bread from the baker - it tastes better than factory bread, doesn't it? It works exactly the same way with coffee.

In short: the most traditional, freshly roasted coffee for a very fair price.

Resealable coffee packaging

Whether you buy 250g, 500g or a kilo Café du Jour coffee beans: they always come in a special resealable packaging. The coffee bag has a special resealable rim so you can always re-pack the coffee airtight. On the front of each bag is a valve, this allows gases and air to escape from the bag without allowing air from outside to flow back into the bag. This way, we do everything possible to preserve the optimal freshness of your coffee!

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