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Café du Jour Espresso Despertando

Black friday coffee

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We love making espresso from Café du Jour despertando. But the despertando can also go for a perfect filter coffee. Not a dark roast but with a punch. Also really good in cappuccino's.


¡Hola señores y senores! Come with me to an early monday morning in the spring of 2021. One of our co-workers steps into the warehouse a little woozy from a rough weekend.

But as everybody might know monday is a very busy day, the busiest of the week! So missing an employee is not ideal. As the sun rises the coffee roaster warms up and coffee beans are roasted. The roasted beans are taken to the packaging room and once in the bag are shipped to your door. It can be very heavy work if you thought it was easy.

Luckily we can in theory produce and endless supply of caffeine at Café du Jour. ideal for the "lazy roaster" I mean hard working employee. And boom, the idea was born. The coffee for the working, The coffee made for the spine of society. One that keeps you up, revive's your energy and gives you a smile. The new hangover cure that gets the oldies to dance, gets the doping control 250% positive. It can even boost your oldtimer! (Disclaimer: Tryng to fuel your car with despertando is at your own risk)

Well CARAMBA we did it. This mostly Colombian roast has a little African and Asian help and is surely no decaf. The result is a coffee that comes in a little chocolate flavoured with a flowery aftertaste. You might even taste the spiced up undertones from our secret ingredient. (Its extra extra caffeine ssshhhh)

Since the rise of despertando in our warehouse we deliver 98% of all coffee packages within 24 hours. Thanks to despertando we no longer have to recruit friends and family on busy days.

The name of the coffee you ask? I think you will be able to connect the dots, if not you can always google it.

More Information
BrandCafé du Jour
Country of ManufactureNetherlands
Coffee typeCoffeebeans
IntensityMedium (2/4)
Taste & aromaFloral, Chocolate, Herbs
Varietyarabica & robusta
Suitable forEspresso, Filter coffee, Cappuccino
Country of originBrazil, Ethopia, Colombia, Indonesia

Hersluitbare koffieverpakking

Of je nou 250 gram, 500 gram of een kilo Café du Jour koffiebonen koopt: ze zitten altijd in een speciale hersluitbare verpakking. De koffiezak is voorzien van een speciale hersluitbare rand zodat je de koffie altijd weer luchtdicht kunt verpakken. Op de voorkant van elke zak zit een ventiel, dit zorgt er voor dat er gassen en lucht uit de zak kunnen ontsnappen zonder dat er lucht van buiten terug de zak in kan stromen. Zo doen we er alles aan om de optimale versheid van je koffie te bewaren!

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