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Fondas Olive - Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Crete - 1 litre

Fondas Olive - Extra Vierge Olijfolie uit Kreta - 1 liter

Fondas Olive Extra Virgin Olive Oil is artisanally produced olive oil from Greece. It is made in small quantities by the Tzirtzilakis family. They have been tending their 74 olive trees in Crete with love and passion for more than 100 years

This is the crème de la crème among olive oils. Made entirely from one olive variety: the Koroneiki olive, also called a queen among olives.

Harvesting is one of the most important moments in the olive grove and every year the family does it together with local farmer Dimitris. Once the olives turn a darker colour at the end of the year, it is time for the harvesting process. They harvest in the traditional way, using green nets under the olive trees to catch the olives safely.

They then transport the olives in reusable burlap sacks to the local factory where the production process is started almost immediately. This is important for the best quality olive oil and that quality is there. Extra Vierge olive oil should have an acidity of no more than 0.8%. Fondas olive oil is better: an acidity of just 0.2%!


The entire production of Fondas olive oil is organised locally. An artisan product from a small olive grove in Crete.

100% Koroneiki Olives

Olive oil from 100% Koroneiki olives is a rarity. These are small firm olives known for their fruity character that forms the basis for this delicious olive oil.

Extra virgin olive oil

Together with farmer Dimitris, the family harvests the olives by catching them in nets. They are transported in burlap sacks to the mill where they are pressed immediately. Within a few hours, the high quality extra virgin olive oil emerges. This olive oil has an extremely low acidity of 0.2%. This is well below the legal limit of 0.8%

Packed in a can, protected from light.

Fondas olive oil is packed in a can protected from light so that the quality does not deteriorate. With a handy pouring cap.

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IngredientsExtra virgin olive oil from Crete, Greece.


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