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Original Beans - Esmeraldas Vegan Almond - 50% almond milk chocolate

Original Beans - Esmeraldas Vegan Almond - 50%
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Yes Ve-Gan! Original Beans has managed to create an amazing vegan chocolate. Taste it for yourself and be amazed, all using aromatic Nacional cocoa from the Esmeraldas region of Ecuador.

Original Beans is a Dutch chocolate brand with a mission. The company has its own sourcing team that searches for unique and authentic cocoa varieties. They are dedicated not only to preserving this cocoa, but also to protecting the environment in which it thrives - the tropical rainforest. With great precision, the recipes are developed so that the delicious aromas of the cocoa beans are brought out to their full potential in their chocolate. Taste the Rare and Preserve it!

The blossoms of the Arriba/Nacional cocoa and Guara almond wait patiently. It takes a hundred delicate blossoms to make this chocolate bar. Your purchase of this amazing Esmeraldas 50% bar will help preserve Ecuador's last cloud forests. By buying this chocolate, you support farmers in preserving nature in the Mache Chindul Ecological Reserve, the Pacific rainforest in Esmeraldas.

Flavour notes: notes of gianduja and barley malt.

More Information
BrandOriginal Beans
Produced inNetherlands
Pack size70 g
AllergensContains nuts. May also contain traces of milk, hazelnuts and peanuts.
Eiwitten per 100 gr9 g
Energie (kcal) per 100 g591 kCal / 2456 kJ
Ingredientsruwe rietsuiker, cacaomassa, cacaoboter, gemalen amandelen (12%), amandelproteïne (5%).
Koolhydraten per 100 g38 g
Natrium per 100 g0,03 g SALT
Suikers per 100 g33 g
Vet per 100 g43 g (24 g saturated)

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