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Coffee beans for Sage coffee machines

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Sage coffee machines have now become very popular which is why we get more and more questions about which coffee beans are suitable for Sage coffee machines. Sage coffee machines are high-quality appliances made to brew coffee at a professional level for home use. Because these coffee machines have a higher pressure pump, Sage machines make rich and full-bodied epressos.

Sage coffee beans

Sage recommends using coffee beans consisting of 100% Arabica beans, of higher than average quality and recently roasted. The Sage manual itself states that it is optimal if the coffee beans were roasted no longer than a month ago. Below, we have made a selection of the 100% arabica coffee beans you can buy from us. Would you also like to choose the fresh coffee beans Sage recommends? Then choose a coffee bean from our own coffee roastery of the brand; Café du Jour. These coffee beans have never been roasted more than 4 weeks ago and are therefore always fresh when delivered to your home.

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