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Lavazza DEK Classico Decaffeinated - ground coffee - 250g

Lavazza DEK Classico Cafeïnevrije gemalen koffie 250 gram
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Discover the rich flavour and aromas of Lavazza DEK Classico Decaffeinated Ground Coffee. This premium Italian blend promises a decaffeinated pleasure without compromise - full flavour, deep aromas and perfect balance.


Experience authentic Italian coffee culture with Lavazza DEK Classico Decaffeinated Ground Coffee. This is a decaffeinated coffee that does not compromise on flavour or intensity. The coffee is expertly blended and slow-roasted to create a harmonious profile of delicate aromas and rich flavours. A deep sense of chocolate, toast and hazelnut is evident in every sip, ending with a smooth finish.

Thanks to Lavazza's innovative decaffeination process, you can start or end your day with this blend without worrying about caffeine. It is the perfect choice for those who are sensitive to caffeine, or who just want to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee before bed.

Enjoy this delicious coffee in the morning or at any time of the day. With Lavazza DEK Classico Decaffeinated Ground Coffee, you get an excellent coffee experience, whether you drink it black or with milk and sugar.

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Produced inItaly
Coffee typeGround coffee
Suitable forEspresso, Filter coffee, Cappuccino, Affogato, Americano, Caffè choco, Caffè corretto, Caffè latte, Caffè lungo, Cortado, Doppio, Espresso macchiato, Flat white, Irish Coffee, Latte macchiato, Macchiato, Ristretto
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