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Kimbo Crema Suprema

Kimbo Crema Suprema

Kimbo Crema Suprema - coffee beans - 1 kilo

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This unique blend of 35% Arabica and Robusta is a true masterpiece. Lightly roasted, yet with an intense aroma that enchants your senses. Expect a wonderfully spicy aroma, with notes of cinnamon and nutmeg taking you on a flavourful journey.

What makes this coffee so special is its low acidity that ensures a silky smooth experience with every sip. Whether you are an espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato lover, these beans are perfect for all your favourite coffee creations.


Kimbo's expertise in blending and roasting coffee comes to life in this blend with a medium body and perfectly balanced acidity. It is a tribute to Neapolitan tradition, where craftsmanship and passion come together to create an extraordinary coffee experience.

So be enchanted by the charming taste of Kimbo Crema Suprema, a blend that reveals the secrets of Neapolitan coffee culture and lets you enjoy the best coffee has to offer time and time again.

More Information
Produced inItaly
Pack size1 kilo
Coffee typeCoffeebeans
Intensity5 - Regular
TasteSpicy, Cinnamon
VarietyBlend Arabica/Robusta
Suitable forEspresso, Filter coffee, Cappuccino, Affogato, Americano, Caffè choco, Caffè corretto, Caffè latte, Caffè lungo, Cortado, Doppio, Espresso macchiato, Flat white, Irish Coffee, Latte macchiato, Macchiato, Ristretto
Country of originRoasted in Italy
CaffeineWith caffeine
Koffie brandingLightly burnt

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