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Fresh coffee beans

Fresh coffee beans

Café du Jour fresh coffees are the work of two brothers who have made their passion for coffee their job. After years of experience in the (Italian) hospitality industry, from 2015 they experimented endlessly with coffee beans and espresso machines in search of the perfect cup of coffee. First without commercial intentions, but eventually the sharing of coffee with friends and family became so great that it was decided to make the hobby the work.

Café du Jour fresh coffees are roasted daily in small batches to be then tasted and judged by the roasting master. Once approved, the batches of coffee are checked and filtered for any irregularities, packaged, sealed and labelled with that day's roast date. So with Café du Jour fresh coffees, you can always be sure of a fresh bag of coffee: never older than four weeks at the time the coffee arrives at your home. You taste that just like a loaf of bread from the baker - it tastes better than factory bread, doesn't it? It works exactly the same way with coffee.

In short: the most traditional, freshly roasted coffee for a very fair price.

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Freshly roasted coffee beans

Anyone who has ever had a cup of coffee made with freshly roasted coffee beans knows that the experience is unparalleled. Drinking coffee from fresh coffee beans you must have tried at least once. Some (luxury) brands lie in the warehouse for weeks or months waiting for a buyer. Of course, this is not at all weird and coffee simply has a shelf life of a year. Still, fresh coffee beans will taste best in the weeks after roasting. In principle, fresh coffee beans can be drunk as early as 2 days after roasting. Because gases escape from the beans after roasting, a week after roasting is the most ideal time to grind and use the coffee beans. Café du Jour's coffee beans are very fresh. Roasting is done at lower temperatures and therefore the roasting process is slower. In this way, the gentlemen of Café du Jour create a very evenly roasted coffee bean. Depending on which bean and roast the final product should be, the temperature will be between 180 and 220 degrees. The taste experience of the coffee beans coming from our roastery is sensational. If you order the coffee beans before 15:00 in the afternoon, you can expect your beans to be shipped the same day and never older than four weeks.

The degassing process of freshly roasted coffee beans

We regularly get the question whether the coffee is not too old when the roasting date is already three weeks ago, for example. A short answer to this question is; no, after a few weeks the coffee is at its best. This is because freshly roasted coffee is full of carbon dioxide (CO2). This gas forms in the bean during the roasting process and ensures that there is very little flavour in coffee that is too fresh. Depending on the bean and the roast, the coffee is at its best after 1 to 4 weeks. After roasting, the coffee is stored in special coffee bags. Our coffee bags contain a valve that allows the gas escaping from the bean to escape from the bag. At the same time, this valve prevents oxygen from getting back into the coffee bag.

Buy freshly roasted coffee beans

We offer a wide range of available choices, including popular coffee blends, coffee from different origins, single origin and freshly decaffeinated coffee that you can buy in small packs or in large quantities. You can use freshly roasted premium quality special beans to make coffee at home or in the office. There is nothing that tastes better than a fresh cup of coffee and your coffee can only taste as good as the beans allow. In short: good beans make for good coffee. So high-quality fresh coffee is very important, especially if you need more than one cup to get through the day. Everything that coffee lovers associate with a freshly brewed cup of coffee, such as the flavour and aroma, comes from the roasting process that begins with a long journey from renowned coffee producers around the world. When a raw, green coffee bean is picked, it contains the precursors of those complex flavour profiles that give fresh coffee its signature aroma and flavour. Our roasting process creates a flavour explosion with the aroma of chocolate, caramel, flowers or fruit.
The coffee beans are exposed to the extreme heat of a coffee roaster. A green bean's complex composition of minerals - the carbohydrates, amino acids, proteins, lipids, water and caffeine - fuse together in chemical reactions that give way to that nutty and irresistible aroma and flavour of coffee. It is then properly packaged to reduce its exposure to air, preventing it from degrading and losing its flavour before it reaches you. We make sure we brew our coffee beans as soon as possible after roasting, so you can get the freshest, most delicious coffee. Let your friends get deliciously jealous!

How do we keep roasted coffee beans fresh?

Because freshly roasted beans can easily lose their freshness, storing them properly is important. There are factors to consider when you bring the coffee into your home. Store your precious purchase in a dry place to avoid exposure to moisture. Keep the packaging tightly sealed to shield the coffee from air. Our prized coffee bean packs are equipped with a special valve that can release carbon dioxide without letting air in, keeping the beans fresh. However, these are not meant for long-term storage so it is best not to leave the coffee too long. So an extra cup of coffee a day won't hurt with this good excuse! Our coffee is selected for quality and character. Each batch is freshly hand-roasted and shipped daily throughout the Netherlands. We roast for and deliver your fresh, delicious and special coffee.

Nothing beats fresh coffee beans

At Café du jour, we produce high-quality coffee and to meet the demand of coffee markets, we supply coffee from different parts of the world. You can choose from a different range, from specially developed coffee blends, premium single origin coffee and decaffeinated coffee. They are freshly roasted, packaged and shipped with the highest level of passion. With our years of experience in coffee roasting, you can be assured that your cup of coffee will always bring a smile, even to those with a morning mood! We recommend buying your coffee in the form of fresh beans and grinding them at home or in the office to enjoy the best coffee. Coffee beans are delivered fresh, but how do you enjoy that truly fresh cup of coffee? For this, it is best to grind only what you are going to use for coffee at that moment. This way, the grind will not oxidise and the flavour remains unaffected and delicious! Besides, you will always enjoy the coffee you like because you can buy your favourite fresh coffee beans, instead of having a standard mixture of different types of beans in your cup of coffee.

All prices in euros and including VAT unless otherwise stated.

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