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Chocolate milk

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  1. Van Houten Ground Milk Chocolate - milk - 750 grams

Delight with Chocolate Milk from Café du Jour

When you think of comfort and cosiness, a hot cup of chocolate comes to mind. At Café du Jour, we make this moment even more special. Discover our wide selection of the very best chocolate milks and feel the world melt around you as you immerse yourself in this sweet treat.

Authentic Chocolate Milk for Real Lovers

Our chocolate milk is not just any chocolate milk. Every sip is bursting with flavour, made from the finest cocoa beans. Our quality grades are specially selected to bring out the deepest flavours and aromas. Whether you prefer dark chocolate with a hint of bitterness or a creamy milk chocolate, you are sure to find the perfect match for your taste buds with us.

A New World of Flavours with Our Speciality Chocolate Milk

Our special selection of chocolate milk offers a journey through different flavours and aromas. Explore the rich flavour profile of our luxurious dark chocolate milk, or treat yourself to a festive twist with our white chocolate milk. Regardless of your preference, at Café du Jour, quality always comes first. We believe that every sip of chocolate milk should be an experience to cherish.

Optimal enjoyment with Café du Jour

As coffee, tea and chocolate milk lovers, we at Café du Jour understand how important it is to create that perfect moment of enjoyment. Whether you start your day with a steaming cup of chocolate milk or end it with a warm mug after a long day, we are here to make that moment even better.

Chocolate milk and Sustainability

Not only are we passionate about the taste of our products, but we are also committed to sustainability. We strive to minimise the impact of our production on the environment. Much of our chocolate milk is produced ethically with respect for nature and the farmers who supply the brands with the cocoa.

Chocolate milk for everyone

Whether you have a sweet tooth or prefer a rich, bitter flavour, there is always a cup of chocolate milk for you at Café du Jour. Enjoy the heartwarming magic of chocolate milk, every day, with every sip.

Order your chocolate milk now at Café du Jour

Make your chocolate milk moment a daily luxury with Café du Jour. Explore our range, choose your favourite, and add a touch of sweet delight to your day. Order now and experience the unrivalled quality and taste of our delicious chocolate milk. Café du Jour: your destination for perfect chocolate milk.

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