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Hario V60 range server size 02/600 ml

Hario V60 range server 600 ml
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The Hario V60 range server is a coffee pot made of heat-resistant glass so you have a good view of the coffee being made. The server matches the Hario V60 number 02 dripper so you can immediately brew 1 to 4 cups of coffee in the server by putting a matching dripper on top.


Suitable in combination with a Hario V60 number 02 dripper (1 - 4 cups).

The Hario range server is also referred to as the microwave-server because it is microwave-friendly. It can be used as part of the V60 coffee equipment or separately to serve all kinds of drinks. Made of high-quality borosilicate glass, the V60 coffee server has two measuring lines (cups and ml), making it easy to brew coffee for 2 to 6 people with each cup holding 130 ml.


Simple and attractive glass design is suitable for home or coffeehouse environments. The server from the Hario range has a plastic handle attached to a plastic ring around the neck of the coffee server. This is to ensure that no matter how hot the drink is inside; heat from the glass server is not transferred to the handle. The V60 server has a lid that fits snugly but is not airtight, allowing coffee to cool slowly.

In short, the high-quality server from the Hario range is affordable and very convenient for everyday use, it consists of an elegant design and smart features. It has everything a coffee server needs - all you need to do now is brew some coffee.


Hario is a Japanese company that has been around since 1921 and originally produced heat-resistant glass. After World War II, they started focusing more on household items, the first being a coffee siphon. In the following years, the company grew into a leading manufacturer of coffee and tea accessories

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