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Millésime - Ghana (with orange) - 70% dark chocolate

Millésime - Ghana (met sinaasappel) - 70% pure chocolade
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Enjoy the deep, sweet chocolate flavour of Ghanaian cocoa, perfectly combined with deliciously fruity orange. A taste experience not to be missed!

ABOCFA is a unique cocoa cooperative in Ghana, with both organic and fair trade certification. The cooperative has 1063 members (789 men and 274 women) and collectively manages 1514 hectares of land. The cooperative's headquarters, which employs 23 people, is located in the Aponoapono enclave in Suhum municipality, in eastern Ghana.

ABOCFA's mission is to provide farmers with access to productivity and management skills to improve their livelihoods. In addition, the cooperative aims to increase income for cocoa farmers through premiums for organic and fair trade products. The main goal is to become self-sufficient, reduce poverty and provide a livable income to all members of the cooperative. Special attention is paid to protecting children and providing educational opportunities (the cooperative even has a special team dedicated to combating child labour). Moreover, all members of the cooperative can participate in health insurance, which contributes to their well-being.

More Information
Produced inBelgium
Pack size70 g
AllergensMay contain traces of nuts.
Eiwitten per 100 gr11,04 g
Energie (kcal) per 100 g416,40 Kcal / 1743,40 KJ
Ingredientscacaobonen, rietsuiker, cacaoboter, sinaasappel extract
Koolhydraten per 100 g42.15 g (39.95 g sugar)
Natrium per 100 g0.1 g SALT
Vet per 100 g12.74 g (7.43 g saturated)
Voedingsvezels per 100 g8,19 g

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