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Julius Meinl

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  1. Julius Meinl Trend Collection Caffè Crema Intenso - coffee beans - 1 kilo
  2. Julius Meinl Trend Collection Espresso Classico - coffee beans - 1 kilo
    Julius Meinl Trend Collection Espresso Classico - coffee beans - 1 kilo
    Floral, Nutty 7 - Powerful
    As low as 12.04
    12.04 / kg
  3. Julius Meinl Caffè Crema Premium Collection - coffee beans - 1 kilo
    Julius Meinl Caffè Crema Premium Collection - coffee beans - 1 kilo
    Chocolate, Nutty 10 - Very powerful
    As low as 12.97
    12.97 / kg
  4. Julius Meinl sample pack - coffee beans - 3 x 1 kilo
  5. Julius Meinl Espresso Premium Collection - coffee beans - 1 kilo
    Julius Meinl Espresso Premium Collection - coffee beans - 1 kilo
    Chocolate, Fruity, Nutty 9 - Very powerful
    As low as 12.97
    12.97 / kg

Julius Meinl has stood for high-quality coffee since 1862. Julius Meinl is a family business and an ambassador of Viennese coffee culture. Discover the premium coffee from Julius Meinl at Café du Jour!

Julius Meinl Coffee

Serving as the company logo since its inception, the famous Julius Meinl Mohr is an iconic symbol recognised worldwide. The logo symbolises a young man wearing a fez (red headdress with a tassel) and pays tribute to the historical influence of the Turkish Ottoman Empire that brought coffee to Vienna in 1683. This logo is the international trademark of Julius Meinl Coffee. The brand has a very strong position in Europe, especially in its homeland Austria, but is also well established abroad.

Founded in 1862, Julius Meinl is one of the oldest coffee roasters in the world and has maintained its reputation as a supplier of top-quality coffees and teas to this day. Extensive coffee expertise in sourcing green coffee and long-term relationships with coffee farmers, careful selection of beans by family members and typical Viennese roasting by their coffee specialists contribute to the perfect cup of coffee.

Since its founding in Vienna, Austria, the fifth generation of the Meinl family is still actively involved in today's company!

The History of Julius Meinl

In 1862, Julius Meinl opened a spice shop in the centre of Vienna where he sold green coffee beans, cocoa, tea, spices, rice and sugar. This went well and the shop grew rapidly. In 1877, Julius Meinl II revolutionised coffee roasting with a process he had developed himself. In this process, beans no longer came into contact with coal gases, so the coffee beans were free of aftertaste and still retained their full natural aroma. These were the first true Julius Meinl coffee beans.

The growth of Meinl coffee

With this big change, the Meinl family's business went through a real growth spurt. Sales of Julius Meinl coffee beans soon became too big for just a shop and got a head office. This moved in 1912 to what is now called Julius Meinl Gasse (this road was later named after Julius Meinl II) in Vienna's 16th district, where it remains to this day. In 1913, Julius Meinl was named the largest coffee roaster in the Austro-Hungarian Empire and also the largest importer of coffee and tea in Central Europe, which had a population of some 50 million!

The first shop

In the early 1950s, Julius Meinl opened a flagship store in Vienna. To this day, this shop is the number one location for premium fine food in Vienna. As they became the largest coffee roaster in Central Europe, word about Julius Meinl Coffee spread quickly. In 2002, they opened the first coffee house in Chicago. Once they had mastered building coffee houses, they built the largest coffee house in the world in 2008! It was located among the natural history and art museums in Vienna during the European football championship. In 2009, Julius Meinl's 1862 PREMIUM coffee was launched for the hospitality industry. It is now possible to enjoy PREMIUM Julius Meinl coffee beans in restaurants. Currently, the company has been around for more than 150 years and continues to grow.

Julius Meinl's products

With different roasts, the Julius Meinl coffee range offers a wide and diverse range to suit everyone's taste. Our coffee products are divided into two main groups.

Professional coffee

The professional coffee range is suitable for any restaurateur who wants to offer guests premium quality, great taste and contemporary design. Our range consists of whole bean coffee and ground coffee, all available in different sizes. There are numerous different blends and roast grades to suit all types of requirements.

Sustainability from Julius Meinl

Sustainability is more than just a word for Julius Meinl. They live it, believe it, think it and are convinced that this is the only way forward into the future. They are convinced that today's well-being and high living standards should still make the world beautiful and diverse for future generations. They want our children to see the world, its different peoples, animals and nature in all its beauty and diversity. Let's all help make this possible. At Julius Meinl, they are committed to making it happen.

Julius Meinl's latest sustainable achievements

They have significantly reduced the amount of materials used for all packaging to make a positive contribution to the well-being of our environment. They have come up with innovations for alternative packaging materials, such as our degradable soil on tea bags. The ISO 14001 environmental management system has been implemented at production in Vicenza. Julius Meinl is also proud members of Fairtrage, Organic/Bio and UTZ.

View the range of Meinl coffee at Café du Jour

At Café du Jour, we carry only the tastiest coffee in our range. We strive to offer the highest quality coffee, so you can enjoy a perfect cup of coffee every day. Besides coffee, we also sell coffee beans, tea and other drinks.

Take a look in the shop and experience why Julius Meinl Coffee is a worldwide favourite!

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