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Macap CPS - Coffee rammer - 52mm and 57.5mm

Macap CPS - Koffietamper - 52mm en 57,5mm
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The MACAP CPS (Constant Pressure System) automatic espresso tamper is an innovation for streamlined making delicious espressos. It ensures that all users have the same tamper pressure. This tamper applies a uniform and even pressure to the ground espresso in a portafilter using a lever. The result is predictable and consistent extraction; a leap forward in simplifying traditional espresso preparation.

  • Ideal for use in e.g. the catering industry
  • Material: aluminium
  • Tampers: Ø 52.0 mm and Ø 57.5 mm (For use with 58 mm portafilters)
  • Constant pressure: 25 kg according to manufacturer's specifications
  • Made in Italy

With the Macap CPS tamper, you always press the coffee in the portafilter with the right pressure. Staff need less training and there is less risk of mistakes while brewing good coffee

Each dose of coffee service only needs to be tamped once with the Macap CPS. Read the instructions before use.

Place the machine on a suitable surface near the espresso machine. Place the filter holder with the correct amount of ground coffee (single or double) on the holder. Operate the lever to lower the tamper onto the coffee and pull the lever down and then gently back. You are now ready to use the portafilter in your espresso machine.

To ensure proper operation of the CPS Professional, it is recommended to clean the machine daily, taking particular care of the piston and tamper surface.

The machine should be cleaned with a dry cloth to avoid leaving coffee residues that could compromise the functioning of the machine and the quality of espresso coffee.

About Macap

Macap is an Italian espresso grinder manufacturer that is very popular in Europe and Asia. Their design and build quality are of the highest level. Macap grinders have a stepless adjustment mechanism, a filter holder, and a variety of burr options.

Other well-known part numbers: Ascaso V.2532 De Vecchi Giuseppe 9V948 Iberital 14593 Macap ACPSZC18 Macap CPS Nuova Ricambi 702871 LF 1385605

More Information
materialRoestvrij staal
Produced inItaly


With continuous use of the machine you may notice a reduction in the return force of the lever, in this case carry out the adjustment as follows:

Loosen the insert C counterclockwise with a 3 mm hexagonal spanner;
Using the same spanner, loosen the insert B half a turn. At the same time, use a slotted screwdriver to apply resistance to voltage regulator A (so that the internal screw does not return to the rest position);
Adjust the spring winding by turning the voltage regulator A anti-clockwise to strengthen the winding (clockwise to reduce it). The adjustment should be minimal to avoid an abrupt and noisy return of the lever.
Once the winding adjustment is complete, close the insert B firmly with the screwdriver.

Finally, screw down the insert C to prevent insert B from loosening due to vibration during machine operation.


With continuous use, it is recommended to replace the O-rings, bulbs and springs (sold separately) every 500,000 settings.


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