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Krak Chocolate - Mexico Soconusco - Dark Chocolate

Krak Chocolade - Mexico Soconusco
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In the early 1500s, the Spanish set foot in Mexico and saw the Aztecs and cocoa for the first time. Cocoa was so valuable to the Aztecs that it was even used as currency. The cocoa from Chiapas province was the first cocoa the Spanish brought to Europe. Today, Chiapas and Tabasco province still grow the most cocoa in Mexico. Chiapas and Tabasco account for 99% of Mexico's total cocoa crop. Of the total production, 18,000 tonnes from Tabasco and 4,500 tonnes from Chiapas, only 100 tonnes are exported each year.


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BrandKrak Chocolade
Produced inNetherlands
Pack size80 g
Eiwitten per 100 gr7.0g
Koolhydraten per 100 g49.5g
Suikers per 100 g30.0g
Vet per 100 g41.0g

Krak Chocolate is the company of bean-to-bar chocolate maker Mark Schimmel. Whereas most chocolatiers and confectioners use melted factory chocolate, Mark masters the entire process himself.

Picking cocoa beans, by vintage, of particular origin, roasting and rolling the chocolate creates unique flavours you won't find in supermarket chocolate bars.


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