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Krak Chocolate - Madagascar Mava Sa Ferme D'ottange - Dark Chocolate

Krak Chocolade - Madagascar - Mava Sa Ferme D'ottange
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Many chocolate makers consider cocoa from Madagascar to be one of the best cocoa beans in the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that many fine-flavoured chocolate makers make their bars from this cocoa. The cocoa beans used by Krak Chocolate are slightly different from those of other chocolate makers, as they come from Ottange Farm. Ottange Farm is on the Ramena River, located in northwest Madagascar in the Sambirano Valley. It belongs to the Mava plantations and is the smallest of the eight plantations. In 2017, Ottange Farm won the International Cocoa awards. Every year, about 6 tonnes of cocoa beans are grown at the Ottange farm. Most of this is used by the owner, the Ramanandraibe family, to make their own chocolate. A small portion is sold; Krak Chocolate is lucky enough to be able to make their bars from this.

Ingredients of organic origin NL-BIO-01.


More Information
BrandKrak Chocolade
Produced inNetherlands
Pack size80 g
Eiwitten per 100 gr7.0g
Koolhydraten per 100 g49.5g
Suikers per 100 g30.0g
Vet per 100 g41.0g

Krak Chocolate is the company of bean-to-bar chocolate maker Mark Schimmel. Whereas most chocolatiers and confectioners use melted factory chocolate, Mark masters the entire process himself.

Picking cocoa beans, by vintage, of particular origin, roasting and rolling the chocolate creates unique flavours you won't find in supermarket chocolate bars

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