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Krak Chocolate - Belize Peini - Dark Chocolate

Krak Chocolade - Belize Peini Plantation - Pure Chocolade
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70% dark chocolate with beans from Punta Gorda (Peini), Toledo district, Belize. Since 2016, Peini Plantation has been producing its own cocoa on 96 hectares of land and buying cocoa from these farmers through its sister company Belize Cocoa Trade.

Together with Na'Lu'Um Cocoa Institute, an association of local Mayan cocoa farmers, they have provided thousands of free saplings to these farmers and support them with training and microfinance. Thanks to this initiative, some 204 cocoa-producing families now have a steady, reliable source to sell their beans at a fair price and help them expand their farming activities to provide a better life for their families.

The post-harvest takes place in a centralised facility. The beans are fermented for 7 days in crates made of Santa Maria wood. Once the fermentation process is complete, the beans are transported by wheelbarrow to drying tables. The beans remain on the wooden drying tables and are raked well until they reach a certain degree of appearance.

Ingredients of organic origin NL-BIO-01.


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BrandKrak Chocolade
Produced inNetherlands
Pack size80 g

Krak Chocolate is the company of bean-to-bar chocolate maker Mark Schimmel. Whereas most chocolatiers and confectioners use melted factory chocolate, Mark masters the entire process himself.

Picking cocoa beans, by vintage, of particular origin, roasting and rolling the chocolate creates unique flavours you won't find in supermarket chocolate bars


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