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Single serve drip bags

Set Descending Direction

This is the way to enjoy delicious coffee on the go. Forget instant coffee but go for real freshly ground filter coffee. The Café du Jour Single Serve Drip Coffee is filter coffee in a ready-to-use filter bag for one cup. You can hook it right into your cup and pour hot water over it. So all you need besides a bag of Café du Jour Single Serve Drip Coffee is hot water!

Instructions for using the Café du Jour Drip Bag

  1. Open the outer bag and carefully remove the drip bag from the packaging.
  2. Tear open the drip bag along the tear line that says "OPEN HERE".
  3. Place the cardboard arms of the drip bag over the rim of a cup so that the drip bag hangs in your cup
  4. Slowly pour 180 to 200 ml of coffee (or less for stronger coffee, more for weaker coffee, to taste) through the coffee in the drip bag. Leave a small pause in between pouring every now and then to allow the coffee to properly absorb the water.
  5. Let drip out for a minute before removing the drip bag from the cup.

Cafe-du-jour.com is rated with 4.9 / 5 based on Google Customer Reviews