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Gene Café CBC101 coffee bean cooler / coffee cooler

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Coffee that has just come out of the coffee roaster needs to be cooled below 30 degrees within minutes to ensure that the beans do not fry further and the quality does not deteriorate. With Gene Café's CBR101 coffee cooler, this is no longer a problem. After roasting, you put the hot coffee beans into the cooler. Within 1 minute per 400 grams of coffee beans (maximum capacity is 500 grams), your coffee is at the right temperature. Ideal to use in combination with the Gene Café CBR101 coffee roaster, which does not have a cooling function of its own.


The Gene Café coffee bean cooler is designed to cool hot coffee beans immediately after roasting

Gene Café CBC101 cooler features

  • Fast cooling of hot coffee beans (1 minute per 400 grams)
  • Simple operation
  • Low noise thanks to silent motor
  • Removes chaff from the freshly roasted beans
  • Easy to clean thanks to the stainless steel bean tray

Gene Café CBC101 specifications

  • 42W / 220V~240V, 60HZ
  • European / Dutch plug
  • Net weight: 2 kg
  • Cooling time depending on bean type and temperature: about 1 minute for 250 to 400 grams of beans.
  • Width 21,7cm
  • Depth 25cm
  • Height 13.5cm

Included in the package of the Gene Café coffee cooler

  • The Gene Café coffee cooler
  • Stainless steel cooling tray
  • Power cable with European plug
  • Allen key
  • Manual
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Produced inSouth Korea
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