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Segafredo Zanetti; an authentic Italian coffee. You too can enjoy an espresso or cup of coffee from the delightful and tasteful types of coffee from Segafredo. the secret to this heavenly Italian coffee is found in the process of blending, which are build up from the best raw, unroasted coffee beans. It's no surprise that Segafredo is so popular. Segafredo coffee has been served in Dutch restaurants for as long as anyone can remember. This happens controlled and supported where needed. so the quality from Italian Segafredo coffee is protected. Nowadays the demand grows to have Segafredo at home too. Coffee lovers, At home baristas, coffee guru's you name it, all want Segafredo at home. We took the liberty of listing all the most sold and therefore the most popular types of Segafredo coffee on this page. Are you certain of your taste or are you a regular coffee fan consumer. Take an entire package! Fresh coffee from segafredo with the biggest benefit.

Segafredo Webshop

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Segafredo Zanetti was founded by Massimo Zanetti. Inside Italy the company grew immensly quick and Segafredo soon became one of the market leaders in the coffee world. Originaly Segafredo coffee was only available for restaurants and other catering companies. But after the demand of consumers wouldn't stop growing the company decided make its mark on the consumer market. Nowadays Segafredo is one of the most appreciated and valued companies on the consumer market. On a daily basis there are around 60 million people drinking Segafredo coffee all over the world.

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