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Dr Coffee - Office M 12

Dr. Coffee - Office M 12
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Meet the 'Dr Coffee - Office M 12', your new partner in coffee enjoyment! With the ability to prepare up to 100 consumptions per day, this powerhouse ensures that your office never runs out of fresh coffee. Its speed? A delicious 120ml cup of coffee in just 30 seconds! It features a dual spout and height adjustment, and offers a variety of 32 choices, including espresso, café crème, latte macchiato, and more. With its smart touchscreen, ceramic grind and insulated stainless steel boiler, this machine always brews the perfect cup. Best of all, the Dr Coffee - Office M 12 is self-cleaning and very easy to maintain!


Enter the world of excellent coffee with the 'Dr Coffee - Office M 12'. This coffee machine is designed to meet the needs of any coffee lover, with an unparalleled combination of speed, efficiency, variety and quality.

Designed for intensive use, the Dr Coffee - Office M 12 can prepare up to 100 consumptions per day, making it a perfect choice for offices, hospitality venues and events. Moreover, it is incredibly fast, preparing a delicious 120ml cup of coffee in just 30 seconds.

It offers not only speed, but also versatility. With a double spout, a tap height that can be adjusted between 80 and 170 mm, and a 1,200-gram bean canister (approx. 140 doses), the Dr Coffee - Office M 12 is equipped to prepare different drinks to suit everyone's taste. It offers a choice of 32 beverage options, including espresso, double espresso, café crème, double café crème, latte macchiato, cappuccino, café au lait, jug of coffee and hot water.

The technical specifications of this machine are impressive. With a size of W x D x H - 300 x 500 x 580 mm, a weight of 19 kg and a connected load of 230 volts / 50-60 Hz / 3300 watts, the Dr Coffee - Office M 12 fits into any environment. It has a hot water capacity of 25 litres per hour and a waste bin for approx. 70 coffee biscuits.

Moreover, the Dr Coffee - Office M 12 is very user-friendly and easy to maintain, with an extensive rinsing programme and automatic cleaning. It has a bright 10.1-inch horizontal touchscreen display, making selecting your desired beverage easy. The machine has a ceramic grinder, an insulated stainless steel boiler and is prepared to use fresh milk. It even has a milk pump that gives consistent quality milk foam, just like a barista would!

In terms of warranty, the Dr Coffee - Office M 12 comes with a 12-month warranty. To install the machine, there must be a washing machine tap with ¾ " external connection within 1.5 metres, as well as a 230-volt (16 amp) socket with protective earth.

With the Dr Coffee - Office M 12, you will enjoy the rich, full flavour of fresh coffee, perfectly brewed every time.

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Produced inNetherlands
Cups per day50
Number of users5-20
Coffee machine drinksCafé au lait, Café macchiato, Cappuccino, Cappuccino special, Chocolate milk, Double espresso, Espresso, Hot water, Coffee, Sugar, Wiener melange

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