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Coffee plant Coffea Arabica

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Looking for something unique? Cultivate your own coffee plant! Also fun to give as a gift to the biggest coffee lover you know.

The coffee plant normally grows in tropical and warm temperate regions, where it grows into a considerable wild plant. In your home, that won't be so bad and you should put it in a spacious pot in a nice spot like next to your espresso machine. Do put it in the windowsill, at least near a window so it gets enough light. Not too much light right away! If your window faces south, it is best to let the plant get 'used to' sunlight by gradually exposing it to more and more light. After 2 to 3 years, the plant develops white flowers that give off a nice sweet smell, then come the berries that are ripe as soon as they turn red. And inside those berries are your home-grown coffee beans!

Dispatch and packaging

The plant comes with the soil covered, in a special plant shipping tube. Upon receipt, you should take care of the plant immediately, which takes a few minutes

As an extra option with this product, you can order a jute bag which fits exactly around the plastic pot provided. An example is shown in the photos. The bags are handmade and come in several varieties and types. Each bag is unique and you will therefore not receive the bag exactly as shown in the photo.


Ready to create your own cup of coffee from start to finish? With this coffee plant, you'll ensure a unique brew from day one. Here's what's involved:

Care (less difficult than you think)

The Coffea Arabica grows well indoors, between 16 and 21 degrees. Want to keep it outside? Then bring it inside before autumn, as the plant does not tolerate temperatures below 12ºC. It likes to grow in a bright environment such as near the window, but needs some time to get used to direct sunlight. Therefore, it is best to place it about three metres away from the window and gradually move it more and more towards the window until it is on the windowsill. In summer, it will be fine outside after that.

The soil should always be moist but not soaking wet, as it does not use much water. So it's better to give it a little water often than a big splash all at once. Coffea Arabica likes a summer shower from time to time. Indoors, you can imitate it every now and then with a plant sprayer so that the leaves become well moistened. In spring, give the plant some houseplant food every month. In winter, the plant is in 'rest mode' and does not need extra nutrition.

Is the plant getting a bit bigger? Place it in a larger pot or container every 1-2 years to give it room to grow further.

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