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Café du Jour Speciality 100% arabica Indonesia Bajawa

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Café du Jour's 100% arabica speciality Indonesia Bajawa coffee is a sweet, full-bodied and smooth coffee with moderate acidity and a slightly spicy finish. The coffee is medium to early what we call dark roasted.

The tropical climate on the Indonesian island of Flores makes it a perfect place for coffee plants to thrive. Among connoisseurs, this is one of the most popular varieties from the region.

The Café du Jour 100% arabica Speciality Indonesia Bajawa is a limited edition and therefore we do not always have it in stock.


Resealable coffee packaging

Whether you buy 250g, 500g or a kilo of Café du Jour coffee beans: they always come in a special resealable packaging. The coffee bag has a special resealable rim so you can always re-pack the coffee airtight. On the front of each bag is a valve, this allows gases and air to escape from the bag without allowing air from outside to flow back into the bag. This way, we do everything possible to preserve the optimal freshness of your coffee!

More Information
BrandCafé du Jour
Produced inNetherlands
Country of originIndonesia

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