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Animo OptiBean 4

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Real coffee is truly enjoyable. You have to take some time for that. No matter how busy it is or where you are. Pure coffee, freshly ground and at the right temperature. You don't have to go to an Italian terrace for it. In fact, you can do it anywhere. Because with the OptiBean from Animo you can make real espresso and many variants in no time. This makes every moment your perfect coffee moment. The OptiBean with touchscreen has an intuitive user interface and a distinctive design. A coffee machine with taste. Easy to use and very easy to maintain.

Enjoy your favourite espresso variety within seconds. It can be that simple.

The successful OptiBean series has a new model: the OptiBean 4 Touch. This machine has all the features for the perfect cup of coffee. Compared to the OptiBean 3, one additional instant canister has been added to the OptiBean 4 Touch. This allows even more recipe combinations and makes the OptiBean 4 Touch the ultimate powerhouse in the fresh coffee segment


The canisters can be filled with various ingredients, such as recipes with topping, chocolate, sugar, instant (decaf) coffee or soup. By filling the extra canister with instant (decaf) coffee, you can make a complete jug of coffee in no time. Or use the instant canister for sugar, which also adds this ingredient to the coffee at the push of a button. This makes loose sugar sachets a thing of the past and keeps the coffee corner neat and tidy

Optibean XL

Does your site also serve larger cups of coffee? The OptiBean XL is equipped with an extra-large espresso system for larger, fuller cups. If coffee is required in cups larger than 150 ml, we recommend using the OptiBean XL.

Technical specifications

OptiBean 4 Touch
Number of bean containers 1 (1500 gr / 200 cups)
Number of ingredient containers* 3 (1.0 ltr + 2 x 1.6 ltr)
Number of mixer(s) 2
Espresso brewing capacity** 6,5 - 9,5 gr
Brewing time coffee (120 ml) 25 - 30 sec
Hourly capacity approx. 120 cups à 120ml /14 ltr.
Connected load 220-240V / 50-60 Hz / 2275W
Display 7" Touchscreen
Adjustable cup tray 60 - 115 mm
Water connection ¾"
Waste container capacity 7 ltr (approx. 130 cups of coffee)
Max. tap height 167 mm
Dimensions (W x D x H) 455 x 565 x 792 mm
Rotary pump (Procon®) 10 bar
Boiler Capacity 1.1 ltr.
Energy label A+

More Information
Coffee typeCoffeebeans
Cups per day120
Number of users20-75
Coffee machine drinksCafé au lait, Café macchiato, Cappuccino, Cappuccino special, Chocolate milk, Double espresso, Espresso, Hot water, Coffee, Sugar, Wiener melange

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