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Café Intención

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  1. Café Intención tasting pack - coffee beans - 2 x 1 kilo
  2. Café Intención Intensivo - coffee beans - 1 kilo
    Café Intención Intensivo - coffee beans - 1 kilo
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  3. Café Intención Crema Aromatico - coffee beans - 1 kilo
    Café Intención Crema Aromatico - coffee beans - 1 kilo
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    13.01 / kg

Being better for people and nature. Café Intención's coffee is made with this in mind. They make Fairtrade and/or Organic coffee blends under the umbrella of the well-known coffee company J.J. Darboven. The yellow packs are now well recognised europe-wide by most coffee drinkers. Café Intención coffee beans prove that Fairtrade coffee can also be very inexpensive.

Cafe Intención coffee beans

Cafe Intencion is a brand that uses fair trade coffee beans to create delicious blends. With two labels, the Fairtrade Label for fair trade and the BIO-eko label, Cafe Intencion coffee is suitable for the conscious coffee drinker. In 1993, coffee roaster J.J. Darboven in Hamburg launched the first Fairtrade coffee and in 2005 introduced the Cafe Intencion coffee beans. Four years after its introduction, Cafe Intencion coffee received its first award, the Fairtrade Award, for its fairness and responsibility. Meanwhile, Cafe Intencion has several coffee beans and blends in its range suitable for everyone who loves coffee.

Cafe Intencion: producing Fairtrade coffee

Natural enjoyment is important to J.J. Darboven Hamburg. Therefore, Cafe Intencion not only wants to make a good coffee but also wants to ensure that the beans are organically grown and there is fair trade. Cafe Intencion coffee beans come from small farmers united in farmers' cooperatives. The Arabica beans, the main coffee beans used, come from farmers in Central and South America. In 2016, during J.J. Darboven Hamburg's 150th anniversary, the Honduras Education Life Project (H.E.L.P) was established. The aim of the project is to provide long-term support to 250 coffee farmers from Honduras. In cooperation with OLAM, J.J. Darboven Hamburg hopes that living and production conditions will be improved for these farmers when they are supported in this. In Honduras, the green coffee beans used by Cafe Intencion are purchased from COMSA. COMSA is a democratic cooperative with 800 members. Of these, 25% are women. In 2005, COMSA also became a fair trade organisation, making it an excellent partner for J.J. Darboven Hamburg. Fairtrade certification allows COMSA to use the premiums thus obtained to improve the quality and production of coffee beans, not only for the environment but also for various educational projects. This also improves the education of the children of the coffee farmers but also of other residents. As a result, the region in which COMSA operates will also become more economically prosperous in the future. The results COMSA has achieved so far are impressive: the living conditions of its 800 members have improved considerably, as have the surroundings in which they live and the products they offer. For Cade Intencion, the coffee farmers are very important. For the coffee beans, Cafe Intencion therefore offers them a fair price.

Cafe Intencion coffee varieties

Cafe Intencion coffee beans come in two different versions, the espresso beans and the coffee beans. Cafe Intencions Cafe Creme is made from mild coffee beans. The coffee beans used are Arabica beans. These beans are slowly roasted at a medium temperature. The Arabica beans used by J.J. Darboven Hamburg come from Honduras and Peru. The coffee farmers take cuttings from the coffee plants and within five years there are full coffee bushes with ripe berries. After the berries are picked, they are washed and pulped. Café Intención has the organic label. Here, protecting nature and the fertile environment also plays an important role. The harvest of the berries goes to farmers' cooperatives. The espresso beans contain not only the well-known Arabica beans from Central and South America, but also Robusta beans. By mixing the Arabica beans with the Robusta coffee beans from Africa and Asia, the espresso gets its spice and also tastes a lot spicier. Most of the espresso blend consists of the well-known Arabica beans. To this, Robusta beans are added, which are roasted shorter and darker than the Arabica beans. The Arabica beans provide a full and fruity taste and the Robusta beans provide the perfect counterbalance to the spicy character.

Cafe Intencion's range is not only for the hotel and catering business owner, also the normal consumer can enjoy a delicious Café crème blend or an espresso at any time of the day. The Café crème melange is available as a filter coffee, but the coffee beans are also available to make your own delicious cup of coffee. The espresso comes in an espresso bean version. For the catering industry, coffee beans and espresso beans are available. There is also ground coffee. To stay completely in the Café Intención theme, sugar sticks, milk cups, coffee cups to go and espresso mugs are also available. Café Intencion is guaranteed to deliver a great taste sensation. In addition, the coffee is a conscious product with both a Fairtrade and EKO label.

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