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Durgol® Swiss Espresso Descaler (2 bottles)

Durgol® Swiss Espresso ontkalker (2 flesjes)
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This coffee and espresso machine descaler is the Mercedes... no, the Rolls Royce among decalcifiers. The price may be a bit higher than you are used to from a descaler, but then the results are amazing. The box contains two bottles of both 125ml. Good for descaling twice. Detailed instructions are included, but it is recommended to consult your coffee machine's manual first.

To continue the sales pitch: "We use it ourselves ;-)".

Durgol® Swiss Espresso

Durgol® Swiss Espresso is a special descaler that is safe, odourless and tasteless. It reduces service and repair costs of all types of coffee machines.

  • Easy to use, comes with instructions for optimal results
  • Safe, odourless and tasteless
  • One of the best coffee machine descalers on the market
  • Use this descaler if you really love your coffee machine
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BrandDurgol ®
Produced inSwitzerland
CaffeineWith caffeine
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