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Strong-tasting coffee beans at Café du Jour

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  1. Caffè Vergnano 1882 Decaffeinato Espresso - coffee beans - 1 kilo
    Caffè Vergnano 1882 Decaffeinato Espresso - coffee beans - 1 kilo
    Chocolate, Nutty 7 - Powerful
    As low as 14,8
    13.90 / kg
  2. illy Decaf - Coffee beans - 250 grams
    illy Decaf - Coffee beans - 250 grams
    Floral, Fruity, Nutty, Caramel 7 - Powerful
    As low as 6,57
    25.16 / kg
  3. illy mixed pack self-assembly - coffee beans - 6 x 250g
  4. Café du Jour 100% Arabica Decaf Espresso
    Café du Jour 100% Arabica Decaf Espresso
    Chocolate, Nutty 8 - Powerful
    As low as 7.95
    17.96 / kg

Who doesn't love a strong cup of coffee to start the day right? With a powerful flavour and aroma, strong coffee beans get you through any challenge of the day. Brands like illy and Lavazza also make sure you don't have to compromise on quality. In this ultimate guide, we share everything you need to know about strong-flavoured coffee beans, available on Café du Jour.

Why choose strong-flavoured coffee beans?

Coffee with a strong flavour is more than just 'powerful'. It offers a complex experience of aromas and flavours that unfold with every sip. These coffee beans are often high quality and grown in optimal conditions to offer a rich, deep flavour. Choose strong coffee beans if you want to experience a real explosion of flavour.

How are strong-flavoured coffee beans made?

Strong coffee beans undergo a careful process from cultivation to roasting. They are often grown in higher altitude areas where the climate contributes to a complex flavour profile. In addition, they are usually roasted darker to bring out those intense flavours and aromas.

How to choose the right strong coffee bean?

In the world of coffee, there is nothing that can match the strength and richness of strong coffee beans. These beans, a blend of robusta coffee beans with a touch of Arabica coffee beans for balance, are at the heart of our passion for coffee. Check out the roast, the origin and read our customer reviews to understand which strong coffee beans suit you best. Each product on Café du Jour is accompanied by detailed descriptions and customer reviews to help you choose.

Discover the strength of our coffee beans

At Café du Jour, we are passionate about coffee of the highest quality. If you're looking for the ultimate cup of strong coffee, you've come to the right place. Our mission is simple: we strive to provide the best coffee beans the world has to offer. Our selection of strong coffee beans is composed of a careful blend of robusta and arabica coffee beans, specially roasted to deliver a powerful and distinctive flavour.

Robusta coffee beans versus arabica coffee beans

Robusta coffee beans and Arabica coffee beans are two of the most popular coffees in the world and have some important differences:

Origin and growing conditions:

  • Robusta: These coffee beans come mainly from Africa, Indonesia and Vietnam. Robusta coffee plants thrive at lower altitudes and are resistant to disease. They require less care than Arabica plants.
  • Arabica: Arabica coffee beans are usually grown at higher altitudes, such as in South American countries, and require specific growing conditions. They are more susceptible to diseases and weather conditions.

Flavour profile:

Robusta: Robusta coffee is known for its strong, often slightly bitter flavour. It has a higher caffeine content and can have a nutty or earthy flavour.

Arabica: Arabica coffee beans offer a wider range of flavours, from sweet and fruity to floral and acidic. They usually have a softer, more refined flavour.

Caffeine content:

Robusta: Robusta beans generally contain more caffeine than Arabica beans, which contributes to their powerful flavour.

Arabica: Arabica beans have less caffeine, resulting in a smoother coffee with a milder stimulating effect.

Crema and espresso:

Robusta: Robusta beans often produce a thicker and stronger crema (the foam layer on top of an espresso). As a result, they are often used in espresso blends for extra body.

Arabica: Arabica beans usually produce a softer crema, which is suitable for people who like milder espresso.

The choice between Robusta and Arabica depends on your personal taste preference. Some people prefer the strength of Robusta, while others prefer the complexity of Arabica. Many coffee roasters blend these two varieties to achieve the desired flavour and caffeine content.

Wide range

Whether you prefer an intense shot of espresso, a double espresso to start the day, or a mug full of rich filter coffee, our strong coffee beans guarantee a flavourful experience. And if you like smoothness, you can enjoy our latte macchiato or caffè latte, combining the strength of our beans with the creaminess of milk.

Our strong coffee beans are sourced from different countries and grown with the highest standards in mind. We take roasting seriously and ensure that each bean receives proper care to bring out its unique bitter flavour and aroma. We also offer decaf options for those who want to enjoy the taste without caffeine.

Make the most of your day with strong coffee beans from Café du Jour

With us, it's all about quality and choice. Whether you are a lover of classics like latte macchiato or prefer to explore the deep flavour of espresso, our selection of the best coffee beans from different countries is designed to meet all your coffee needs. The robust beans add a hint of bitterness, while the arabica beans offer a subtle aroma and rich flavour.

For those who prefer the soothing simplicity of mug filter coffee, we have a selection of ground coffee that is perfect for a quiet moment. If you are looking for a unique taste experience, try our specialty coffee with notes of dark chocolate and an unmistakable aroma that will excite your senses.

Strong-flavoured coffee beans are the perfect choice for people looking for an intense, flavourful coffee experience. With the high quality and wide choice at Café du Jour, you are sure to find the perfect match. Try it now and experience the difference!

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