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Are you struggling to choose between strong and mild coffee? Then look no further, because Café du Jour's medium flavour coffee beans are the answer to your coffee dilemma. Medium coffee offers the best of both worlds: not too strong, but not too mild either. Perfect for any coffee lover!

Why choose Medium Taste?

A medium coffee is right in between strong and mild. This makes it a versatile choice that appeals to almost everyone. Enjoy a delicious espresso or indulge in a blissful cappuccino. Whatever your preference, medium flavour coffee beans always deliver a balanced and flavourful result.

Wide choice at Café du Jour

At Café du Jour, we have a wide selection of medium flavour coffee beans. Different brands and varieties can be found with us, so there is always something to suit your taste.

Compatibility with coffee machines

Another advantage of medium flavour coffee is its great compatibility with different types of coffee machines. Whether you have a traditional espresso machine or a modern coffee maker, our medium flavour coffee beans are ideal for any machine.

Freshness Guaranteed

Nothing is more important than the freshness of coffee. That's why our medium flavour coffee beans are packaged immediately after roasting to guarantee freshness. So you will always enjoy a fresh cup of coffee.

Economy Packages and Offers

Want more value for money? Then take a look at our advantageous packages and offers. Get more out of your coffee experience without spending too much money.

Conclusion: What are you waiting for?

Medium flavour coffee beans are the ideal choice for anyone who loves a balanced coffee experience. Make the switch today and experience for yourself the versatility and delicious taste this coffee has to offer.

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