Café du Jour Swiss Water® Decaf Peru (op = op)

Café du Jour Swiss Water® Decaf Peru (op = op)
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The Café du Jour Swiss Water® Decaf Peru is a full-bodied and creamy 100% Arabica coffee with hints of chocolate and nuts.

This coffee is decaffeinated by the Swiss Water® Process - 100% chemical free.

The Swiss Water® Process is a method of decaffeinating coffee that was created in Switzerland in the 1930s and was scaled up for commercial coffee production by the 1980s.


How does Swiss Water® Decaf . work

This special way of decaffeination works through the smart use of water, temperature and time. Green coffee beans are soaked in hot water to dissolve the caffeine. However, caffeine is not the only component in the coffee bean that dissolves in water. That's why there are some extra steps.

After soaking, the water is filtered through carbon. Caffeine has fairly large molecules and remains in the filter while sugars, oils and other elements from coffee that make up the taste and aroma are allowed to pass through.

The next batch of green coffee beans is then dipped into the green coffee extract. This is followed by the sugars and oils from the previous batch, so it no longer extracts that from the beans. The extract is filtered again and used again for the next batch. This is repeated continuously until 99.9% of the caffeine has disappeared from the beans.

More Information
BrandCafé du Jour
Coffee typeCoffeebeans, Ground coffee
IntensityStrong (3/4)
Taste & aromaChocolate, Nuts
Variety100% arabica
Suitable forEspresso, Filter coffee, Cappuccino
Country of originPeru

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